Finally: "Learn To Make Quick, Healthy and Halal Meals For The Whole Family - Without Spending Hours In The Kitchen"
I’m Yvonne Maffei, Founder of the My Halal Kitchen website, author, teacher, public speaker and a passionate halal food movement advocate. 

One of my biggest missions is to provide home cooks with the tools they need to prepare healthy, and delicious Halal meals.
Years ago, I began re-creating my favorite Puerto Rican, Mexican, and Sicilian family recipes because I wanted to enjoy the traditional foods I'd had growing up. They were not usually found at Halal restaurants and no cookbook or online resource was talking about the substitutions I needed for non-halal ingredients like pork or alcohol. 

It was important to me to keep my family's traditional dishes tasty and on the table often, but I had to figure out how to 'Halalify' everything that needed to be swapped out. 

After years of experimentation, I now use my delicious, all-natural substitutes to continue enjoying and preserving the cuisine I've loved my whole life.

My solutions for cooking are geared towards showing you how simple it can be to take back your power in the kitchen and create healthy, simple, delicious meals that you can feel good about serving to your family. 

As my awareness of sustainable living and the slow food movement grew, my motto became...

Simply delicious, simply pure, simply… Halal.

And now, I’ve condensed over a decade of experience into my first ever online course...
Let me introduce you to...
Cooking Halal 101

Support & Motivation
Stay motivated in your cooking goals and avoid procrastination with support from our worldwide My Halal Kitchen Community

Meal Planners & Halal Shopping Tips
Download my printable meal planning worksheets and templates to stay organized in the kitchen

Substitutions for Non-Halal Ingredients
Unlock the secret ingredients to keep in your pantry to "halalify" any recipe

Quick Recipes In Under 30 Minutes
 Cooking without the hassle. Use my time-saving recipes that I know your whole family will enjoy

Step by Step 
Video Lessons
Step-by-step video lessons teach you new cooking techniques in the comfort of your home

New Recipes! to Add Fun to Your Weekly Menu
Discover new delicious recipes from around the world that your family will rave about
Here's What You're Gonna Get...
→Cooking Halal 101 - Masterclass
Valued at $998
Module 1: Putting Halal into Practice 
Refresh your knowledge with the story of halal food, Dhabiha explained, learn more about Halal and Tayyib, and how we can further put these learnings into practice.

Module 2: Ingredients, Food Labels 
 A framework for healthy and wholesome (Tayyab) food choices. Be able to identify what is in the food we eat and how to truly know if something is halal.   

Module 3: All-Natural Halal Substitutions for Non-Halal Ingredients
Discover all the substitutions I use for non-halal ingredients in my recipes that work, and still give me the authentic flavors of the dish. 

Module 4: Culinary Tools & Equipment 
Learn how to select and take care of the best tools and equipment. Plus use my meal plan templates to help you save time in the kitchen.

Module 5: Halal Shopping & Meal Planning Tips
From sourcing ingredients for freshness, variety, quality, seasonality and locality, to storage tips. My best tips for saving money on your grocery bill and spending less time in the kitchen. 

→Find out how I do it all - And still have family time
Valued at $998
Module 6 - Classic Techniques in Cooking
Brush up your cooking know-how with guided technique videos, from sautéing to trussing. Learn something new with every delicious dish.

Module 7- Quick and Healthy Family Meals 
Be sure everyone in the family is getting their fruit and vegetables with these nutritious recipes. Each one comes with a follow along video and PDF guide so you can give them a try anytime! 

Module 8 - Party & Holiday Cooking 
Get ready for Ramadan! Suhoor, Iftar and Eid foods, party platter guides, easy-to-make punch bowls, and SO much more. Your guests will never go hungry - and they'll be delighted!

Module 9 - Naturally Sweet Creations
Desserts with natural sweeteners and clean (not processed) ingredients. And for when you’re feeling extravagant, i'm giving you my special baking and cake decoration tips.

Module 10: Other Solutions for Healthy, Halal Eating & Living
Save money and make healthy living a part of your family's life by growing your own herbs and produce. I'll show you how I do it and why you MUST give it a try. 
→Substitution Secrets - Guides & Printable PDFs
Valued at $197
Easily make any recipe Halal with my meat and alcohol substitutions guides! 

And never worry about trips to the grocery store again with my handy guide to what and where to shop.

Plus, myself and our community of fellow halal home cooks will help you if you get stuck so feeling lazy or procrastinating won't be an issue. 
And that's not all...
→BONUS #1: FREE 30-Day Membership
- I'm hear to answer all of you're questions
Valued at $127
Ask me anything in Q&A video sessions!
I’m here to guide you! Get support and motivation from our exclusive members-only community. Enjoy regularly updated content, including cooking masterclasses, interviews, recipes and more!
→BONUS #2 - Clean Your Kitchen Green eBook
Valued at $127
Do you need help getting organized in the kitchen? Does the idea of hosting a dinner party fill you with dread? My 51+ page “Clean your Kitchen Green” eBook will help you transform your kitchen into the perfect environment for creating all your favorite recipes. 
→BONUS #3 - Iftar Entertaining Guide
Valued at $197
Get my top tips on organizing events! Fill out your own events planner with ideas for your theme, tableware, beverages, food and more!
Total Value: $2,794
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My Halal Kitchen Has Helped Over
Home Cooks Discover New Delicious Recipes For The Family To Enjoy
When You Take My Course
 You Will...
...Feel empowered knowing exactly what's in the food you serve ...
and confident that your family is truly eating halal...

...Save time in the kitchen that you can spend instead with your loved ones...

...Feel more relaxed knowing you and your family are eating healthy and wholesome meals...

...Feel happy when you see the smiles on your family's faces when they taste the delicious, new meals you create for them...

Let's Hear From Some of My Students...
Sue's Story
"There are so many things in the food industry these days that make it seem like you have to be a chemist to understand [what's in your food]. Yvonne has done a lot of the leg work to let people know what to avoid in their products."
Sameer Eats' Testimonial
"Typical halal food is kebap or biryani... [Yvonne] will find substitutes that will allow us to make something very close to the original product. She opens up that world to us."

Ingrid Y. Ascencio

“I really enjoyed the straightforward explanations on how to recreate traditional recipes into halal versions and using simple substitutes. Highly recommended to all households!” 

Asma Khan

“As someone who has worked in the food industry, I know Yvonne holds expansive knowledge of halal foods and processes. Her classes are fun and offer clear guidance on adopting a healthy lifestyle via cooking techniques and recipes."

B. Mo

“Recipes are easy to follow and the ones that I tried ALL came out delicious.” 

Madiha Saeed

“Full of love! The sweetest, most genuine personality!” 

Kiran Ansari

"My friends and I had a great evening at Yvonne's Moroccan cooking class. The lamb tagine and the citrus cake were a roaring success. She was punctual, well prepared and very professional. All the ladies were happy to be able to ask questions and take home printed recipes and tips. I would love to have Yvonne teach another class soon." 
I know my cooking course is going to transform your time in the kitchen... so I would like to offer you...
My Triple Satisfaction Guarantee
If your family don't absolutely LOVE your cooking and compliment you on how delicious your meals are, you'll get a complete 100% refund, no questions asked! I've been fine-tuning this system for years and I’m confident you and your family will love the results
If you aren't 100% confident that you’ve learned how to source halal ingredients and substitutions, just let me know and I'll give you a full refund straight away! This system is designed to empower you to eat truly halal - and I'm confident it works for everyone.
Keeping Halal is about SO much more than eating right! It’s a way of life and an identity. I'll help you to adhere to a halal routine that works for you and your family. 
This is how confident I am in this system! If any of these promises are not met, just contact me within 30 days and you'll get a full refund

Maybe You're Thinking...
“...These recipes sound great, but are they really going to save me time?”
My answer to you is YES, insha’Allah! The recipes I’ve included in this course are all designed to keep things halal, delicious and SIMPLE. 

You will find 5-minute Sahoor recipes, one pot meals and 30-minute dinners. In fact, no meals inside Cooking Halal 101 take more than 40 minutes to make! 

And then to save you more time, I have included my lists of substitutes and the best places to source your halal produce. You won’t be wasting hours at the grocery store staring at ingredients labels anymore.
“...I’m busy! I don’t have time for a cooking course...”
That’s the beauty of an online program! 

You can check out my video modules and download the PDFs any time that is convenient for YOU. Try out a recipe straight away or just watch a video and test the meal out later in the week. All at your leisure and convenience, on YOUR schedule.

This was created for busy people with jobs and families who want to broaden their food horizons.

Plus, the time you invest now learning my tricks of the trade, the more time you’ll save later… 

You won’t be searching untested recipes online when you already have delicious, halal recipes ready for you to try. 

Ones that your family will love!
"...I won’t be able to find the ingredients or substitutions...”
The vast majority of my ingredients are found in your regular food store! 

Most of the recipes ingredient lists stem from the basic pantry essentials I’ll teach you about, as well as organic vegetables and meat you’d get at your local halal market. 

We’re making halal SIMPLE here - not more complicated!

I provide guidance on where you can find great substitutes - and if you can’t find them locally I’ll show you alternative sources. I even teach you how to easily create your own substitutions at home, so you can be sure they are 100% natural and 100% Halal.
“...What if I’m missing the basic cooking skills to create these recipes?”
I’ve been teaching people how to cook for over 10 years.

 From school classes with children, one-on-one lessons with couples, women’s groups, community centers and private courses in the comfort of my students’ homes.

I know how to guide you no matter your cooking skills, through new techniques that will transform the way your food tastes and give you a whole new set of skills! 
“...Will my family like the meals?”

They’re going to love the variety of new foods coming into the kitchen and will probably want to learn with you! 

Pasta without the wine in the sauce, tiramisu without the alcohol or gelatin! … You and your family are in for a treat. Experience new flavors and find new ways to add healthy foods to your diet at the same time.

It’s a win-win for everyone...

I love to teach and can’t wait to share everything I’ve learned with all of YOU. 
I’m not holding anything back!
Let's Face It, Everybody's Busy...
BUT It's Time To Put you And Your Family's Health First!
Start Now!
Limited Time Offer - Expires Soon
  •  41+ video lessons with me, Yvonne Maffei, author of My Halal Kitchen
  •  Learn tips and tricks to make sure you're always cooking clean, halal food
  •  Guidance on how to organize your meals around your busy lifestyle
  •  Quick, healthy recipes that the whole family will enjoy
  •  Learn new cooking skills to amp up your kitchen confidence
  •  Make Any Recipe Halal: easily transform cuisines like Italian and Latin food into completely halal cuisine
  •  Learn my hacks for creating your own 100% natural, Halal Substitutions
  •  Bonus 1: FREE 30 Day Trial of the Halal Hero Exclusive Membership - ask me your questions in Q&A video sessions!
  •  Bonus 2: Clean Your Kitchen Green eBook for my tips for an organized kitchen without the stress!
  •  Bonus 3: Iftar Entertaining Guide for fun and stress-free events planning!
Normally $297
Join Now For Just $29
Does your course contain easy to prepare meals? Or are these recipes with 100 ingredients that will have me in the kitchen all day?
I know how hectic life can get with a family, school/work AND still trying to get something on the table. That's why I've specifically chosen recipes for you that are quick, have simple ingredients and are easy to prepare. 

Many of the recipes in the course take 30 minutes or less to make and come with my meal planning templates that allow you to organize your family's meals effortlessly.  I've simplified everything! 
I'm busy. What if I don't have time to take the course? Do I have to complete this course by a certain time? Or lose access?
I get it, we're all busy. But this is a course where you can finally put yourself and your family's health first. So, I want you to make time for it. 

Becuase of that, I'm giving you 24/7  access, essentially 'on-demand' where you can access the course from your computer or phone anytime. And once you signup, you never loose access. So you can take all the lessons around your busy schedule, giving you all the time you need to complete the program. 
What types of recipes and cuisines are included?
I've included a variety of recipes from Italian, Middle Eastern, Mexican, Asian and American dishes. I love try try out different recipes from around the world and I've included some of my favorites in the course. 
What is different about Cooking Halal 101 compared to other cooking programs out there?
There is no other program available like my Cooking Halal 101 course. This isn’t a list of recipes or a video showing you how to make just one meal. I have carefully put together this program based on my 10+ years experience teaching halal cooking and working with some of the best halal food brands. 

I've done the hard work for you. I've discovered all of the substitutions for non-halal ingredients that work and I've tested my recipes coutless times. I'm giving you some of my favorite recipes and all of my go-to resources. 
What is your definition of halal ?
My first module is specifically dedicated to explaining just that! Halal is a way of living dedicated to eating in a way in which you show respect and care for what you put into your body.

Everything you eat should have a natural or organic origin. Meat must also be slaughtered in a way that is as humane as possible while performing the appropriate spiritual rituals. 
What do I do after I sign up?
I recommend following the program in order and starting with Module 1, Lesson 1, but you can get started anywhere.

The platform will track your progress so you always know where you left off. You will find 10 modules in total, and every one consists of fun, HD video lessons where you learn from me directly. It’s easy. Just sign up and enjoy!
Is this a one-time fee?
When you purchase Cooking Halal 101, you get lifetime access to the program PLUS a FREE 30 Day trial of the My Halal Cooking Exclusive Membership. 

This includes the chance to ask me anything you like in regular Q&A video sessions, plus new content, so you’re always learning something new. 

After 30 days, you will be charged $19 per month for the Halal Hero Exclusive Membership, but don't worry! You can easily cancel at any time by emailing

What equipment will I need to make these recipes?
Just regular equipment you have in your kitchen! 

For each recipe, I will show you what you will need to use and how so cooking is as easy as possible.
What if this program isn’t for me?
No problem! You’ve got a full 30 day money back guarantee. So if you decide this program is not for you, just send an email to within 30 days and we’ll arrange your refund. No hard feelings!
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